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Three things brides shouldn’t forget for their unforgettable day

Bridezillas can do scary things sometimes. There’s the mood swings, occasional irrational thoughts and ‘turning’ on her soon-to-be hubby. And while not every bride-to-be acts like this, it’s normal to act a little out of character in the lead-up to the big day.

Think about it. You’ve got dozens, maybe even a hundred plus, people coming to experience you get married. These are the people who you care about the most. You want them to have a good time. This is one of the most important days of your life. With all that pressure, you’re bound to forget something.

Overcoming ‘wedding brain’

Wedding brain is a real thing, so make yourself a wedding checklist, and don’t forget to add these three things.

Your guestbook and pens

Jump onto Etsy for cute handmade wedding guestbooks. Buying online is easy and you can get it shipped directly to you. If you prefer to see (and feel) it first, browse arts, gift and stationery shops. Kiki.K always has beautiful, themed books on sale. You can even make a trip to a bookstore in the area where your wedding will take place. They might stock a book that’s characteristic of the place. Buy a few pens while you’re there, too.


Chances are you’ll be bringing your own phone and camera on the night (sure you’ve got a photographer, but you want some photos of your own too, don’t you?). While you certainly don’t want to be on your phone all night, you’ll want to post a few snaps for the people who can’t be there or your wider network. Have your chargers close by to give your devices juice when they run low.

Break in your shoes

Have you ever worn a new pair of heels and taken them off only a couple hours later because they hurt too much? You don’t want this to happen to you on your wedding day. Maybe you can switch shoes at the reception, but you’ll still be wearing those heels all day during the ceremony and photos. So get used to them prior to the day by wearing them around the house. Avoid going outside where they could get dirty. And if your bridesmaid’s shoes are new, get them to do the same thing.

Stress is a natural part of planning a wedding. But don’t let it become too much. You don’t have to do this alone. Let your gals, your bridesmaids, share some of the load.

And find a professional events team – like us at Adelaide Hills Convention Centre – who can take care of all the organisation for you.

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