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The Busy Bride's Guide to Wedding Planning Without Forgetting Anything (or Anyone)

We tend to see new versions of women in the lead-up to their wedding day. Bridezilla takes hold of all logic, and emotions take over. Cross her, and you’ll be culled from the guest list.

Of course, this isn’t all brides. Some women keep their cool and surprise their fiancés. Whether you feel yourself experiencing bridezilla ‘qualities’ or you’re relaxed about it, details can get missed. The last thing you want is “I’ve forgotten something” impacting your pre-wedded bliss.

You can scour the internet for all the tips on how to plan a wedding, but most of this advice just adds to your to-do list. Your bridesmaids are busy enough as it is, making sure you’re happy.

Over the years, we’ve hosted an abundance of weddings in our award-winning venue… and this is what we’ve learned.

  1. The wedding planning should be enjoyable… and;
  2. Don’t just pick a wedding venue. Pick the space you love with an event coordinator.

A wedding reception venue that can give you the full experience… from the pre-planning and emotional support, the logistics and someone overseeing it all for you, on the day.

While you’ve got your go-to-team (your bridesmaids) in your corner, having a professional event coordinator helps take care of the important logistics… the small details that can easily slip your mind.

Important details like directions and signage, creating a memorable entrance, the guest book, lighting for certain areas, your memorable exit, and anything else that is bound to spring to mind… as you’re walking down the aisle.

Wedding venue coordinators bring that dream-board to life.

Ladies, we all have one… whether it’s been on our wall for years, hidden in our private Pinterest boards or locked ‘safely’ in the confines of our mind.

Think of a wedding event coordinator as a bridezilla antidote. The Adelaide Hills Convention Centre event team has over 100 years of combined experience planning special occasions, end-to-end.

With us, you don’t just get a standard venue. You’ll also have access to services such as accommodation, local knowledge and our regional partners and 5-star catering plus pre and post-wedding debriefs.

Getting hitched? Uninterrupted Hills views are one thing… but with event coordinators, too! This is why the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre is a leading wedding venue. Dates fill up fast, so call us on 1300 919 830 to meet with our team.

Want to go big? Ask about our helicopter pad. You’re only a bride once in your life!

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