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5 Secret Wedding Photography Location Ideas In The Adelaide Hills

That perfect shot. The wedding photo that stands out from all of them. To get it, you need the perfect backdrop. And, the Adelaide Hills is home to some of the most picturesque spots you can imagine.

Rolling hills, lush gardens, cute wineries, and rustic vibes. The ‘hills’ really are alive, with five enchantingly beautiful locations for stunning wedding photography.

Picture your favourite wedding photo. Where are you and your partner standing?

A garden

While the Adelaide Botanical Gardens are a popular spot, there’s one area in the hills that’s set to send you into a tranquil heaven. Nestled in between Eden Hills and Blackwood, the Wittunga Botanic Gardens is a hidden oasis.

A vineyard

For all the earthy shades you could dream of, check out Summerton Vineyards. It’s an uncrowded part of the Adelaide Hills that is equally as beautiful to get to.

A forest

You know the place where Christmas trees are grown? If you’re having a holiday wedding, why not celebrate in style by having your wedding photos in the forest? Clarendon’s plantation is a beautiful spot. Get in the spirit and go visit it.

A farm

Picture standing in front of an adorably, rustic tractor or sitting on hay barrels. But while you can’t exactly jump onto someone’s property, you should be able to find a charming setting that suits. Try the road from Mount Barker to Woodside or Strathalbyn.

A cute object

You know that Sunday drive you’ve been meaning to take? What better reason to do it now, and search for that charming something to take your wedding photos in front of. It could be an abandoned shed, a beautiful lake or a hill that shows the sun in just the right angle. Take any of the back streets in Stirling and Mylor, and you’ll find settings that have the hills written all over it. Flaxley Road is a long stretch with ponds and artsy backdrops.

Start Planning Your Wedding Photo Locations In The Adelaide Hills

Choosing the spot for your wedding photos is a decision not to be taken lightly. In the Adelaide Hills, you’re spoiled for choice. Take the time to explore the different locations until you find the one that gives you that feeling.

All the spots mentioned above are great for any wedding season. But keep in mind things like weather and accessibility. Do you have to walk far? Is there cover if it starts to rain? Will the sun be in the right spot for the best lighting? If it’s in the middle of summer, will it be too hot? Timing is also an important factor. How far is the location from your reception?

Our convention centre is a popular spot for weddings and receptions. We’re located in Hahndorf – a central point in the Adelaide Hills. Wherever you choose to snap your photos, you won’t have to travel far to start celebrating at your reception.

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