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Ideas for Work Team Building Activities in The Adelaide Hills

In today’s 9 to 5 to 9 business world, there’s a blurred line in the sand between work and personal lives. Employees check their emails while still in bed or take calls during dinner. But, how often do we let fun sneak into our workdays?

With never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to forget about our most valued asset: our people. Investing in team building activities boosts the morale of employees, facilitates better communication, promotes creativity and innovation, develops problem-solving skills, and breaks awkward barriers.

We have found that the most successful company conferences incorporate team building activities into their itinerary. That’s why the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre has partnered with Beyond the Boardroom to create awesome team-building days as part of your conference.

Inspiration for a conference and team building activities in the Adelaide Hills

Abseiling, rock climbing & navigation ‘missions’

Getting the blood pumping is a great way to beat that 3.00pm slump. So, keep your teams focused at the conference with an exhilarating outdoor adventure, like rock climbing or ‘search and rescue’ simulations. The Adelaide Hills is the perfect outdoor backdrop for this, with its rolling hills and hiking trails.

Team members work together, overcoming physical (and mental) obstacles, as the friendly competition gets them out of their comfort zone (and usual social circles).

Your very own ‘Shark Tank’

Give your budding entrepreneurs a platform to present new ideas to the group, just like the famous TV show. Assign a ‘panel’ and segment your team into groups, with different numbers in each round. Start with pairs, then move up to bigger collaborations. Encourage creative thinking and an active discussion about new ways of doing things.

With the right amount of friendly competition, it serves as a fun, entertaining exercise to strengthen relationships (and maybe reach a lightbulb, ah-ha, moment).

Or, Amazing Race!

Do you have any travellers or adventure junkies in your group? Even if you don’t, planning your own version of the Amazing Race will unite your people. With the Hills’ natural playground and eateries (plus wineries) to re-fuel along the way, you can’t go wrong with a fun race. Grab the bandanas, the trademark costumes, and get ready for the laughs to start with the novelty team names. This is a great chance for your employees to get to know each other’s strengths and different parts of their personalities.

Start Planning Your Team Building Conference Activities

These work team building activities are an entertaining way to nurture bonds, forge trust, and create memories that’ll last long after the conference is over. Find out more about our award-winning conference venue and get in touch to discuss which event space best suits your team building conference in the Adelaide Hills.

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