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5 End of Financial Year Event Ideas Your Team Will Actually Attend

Corporate events aren’t always easy to pull off. And labelling them corporate team building? Forget it. But there are creative ways of bringing a team together in corporate event activities without having to say it.

Corporate entertainment can be fun. It’s just a matter of crafting it in an appealing way. So, what are these team event ideas?

Corporate event themes, perfect for mid-year celebrations

  1.  A 2023/2024 planning session Kill two birds with one stone, and block out a day from everyone’s schedule to plan for the following year. Encourage your team to reflect on their favourite projects, make new goals, and solidify the focus for the next 12 months. Bring wine, pens and highlighters, a whiteboard and that positive, creative energy.
  2.  Thank your top-tier clients (and team) Isolate the top 25% of your clients and make surprise trips to their offices with gifts. Your team will love getting out for the day, and you can set aside time to treat them to coffee, lunch, and afternoon snacks along the way.
  3.  Set milestones Have you hit your revenue goal this year? Don’t have one? Pick something to do as a group, then agree on a milestone goal for next year. Some companies plan trips and other incentive programs. What ignites your team?
  4. A party, with clients & stakeholders It doesn’t matter who you work with. Everyone loves free food and an early knock off. Arrange an end-of-financial-year shindig on a Friday lunch. Your team are already together, so invite your best clients and stakeholders, and make an afternoon of it.
  5.  Attend a conference (or plan one yourself) Is there one crucial conference in your industry? Or maybe one that your team are still talking about? Buy them tickets to it if it’s a local or interstate conference. The team-building will happen as an extension of this. Professional learnings (that they’ll bring back to the office) and deeper relationships – it’s a win-win. Or, even better, plan your own conference and give your team full creative license.

Call our Event Management team to discuss your requirements today. July 1 is creeping up on us… but you’ve still got time.

It’s okay to be fashionably late and celebrate in the first week of July!

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