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How To Take The Stress Out Of Your Wedding Day

A wedding is the PARTY that celebrates your Marriage; the purpose of your day is to get married, be husband and wife, till death do you part. It is not intended to stress you out, create rifts between friends and family or financial hardship.

So here are 5 things you need to remember:

  1. There are a few factors during the planning process that raise a loved-up couple’s stress-levels, and budget is definitely one. Setting the budget is a very personal conversation that needs to be had between those financially responsible for the event. Sit down and discuss which elements of the day are most important to you so your money can be allocated accordingly.
  2. A wedding is a PARTY where you have the opportunity to celebrate with all your friends and family in one place, it is an opportunity that most people only get once in their life. You want everyone to enjoy the atmosphere, food and drinks, capture those moments and fill your memory with great times to reminisce over years to come.
  3. Having a team of great suppliers should make your wedding planning easier and enjoyable. If someone isn’t listening to you or respecting you find someone else. Getting married in a venue with an on-site wedding coordinator also reduces the stress-load on you as they are there to handle the details on the day.
  4. Research, research, research. This doesn’t mean stalk Pinterest and make mood boards. This means, Google suppliers, see what real weddings they appear in, see where they are mentioned with other suppliers, look at feedback, and look at their work. Don’t just book people because they are recommended by friends and family, do your own research.
  5. Listen to everyone’s advice, take the advice of industry but above all else, trust your gut!

For more real tips and advice from an industry professional check out the wedding planning book; Your Perfect Day, a complete ‘how-to-guide’ of where to start and how to finish planning your wedding.

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