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Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

Even if you already know how you want your wedding invites to look and have a fiancé ready to put their spreadsheet skills to good use, a wedding planner can use their time and skills to bring it all together in the most perfect way. Trust us when we say if there's one special day in your life when you'll be eternally grateful you hired some personal assistance, it's your one and only wedding! Even if you've had the finer details of your wedding planned from when you were a little girl, a wedding specialist is here to help your dream become a reality.

You may not realise how much goes into organising your big day, and it's for you to enjoy and not get bogged down by the finer details. You don't want to feel stressed or overwhelmed in the lead-up to your nuptials, so you may have started asking the question, 'do I need a wedding planner?'

While a wedding planner can't choose your bridesmaids for you, they can take care of the less exciting aspects, such as budgeting, speaking with vendors, and solving any inevitable issues that arise. Your wedding specialist is there to coordinate your vision the way you want it.

How Do You Know if You Need a Wedding Planner?

The decision to hire a wedding planner is a personal preference that can depend on many things. It may be that you have a very small family and a small circle of friends, leaving a lot of the hard preparation work down to you alone. Or maybe the opposite in that you're getting overwhelmed trying to navigate a huge bridal party with excess family members and don't even know where to start.

Deciding whether working with a wedding planner is the right option for you can depend on the following signs as a great starting point.

Signs You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

You Simply Don't Have the Time

There is absolutely no shame in simply having no spare time whatsoever to devote to wedding planning. You may have a highly stressful job and a high amount of pastimes that mean spare time is hard to come by. Therefore, hiring a wedding planner means hiring someone with the time to accomplish what you can't and carry that burden for you.

Budgeting and Organisation Aren't Your Best Skills

You may have a good eye for colours and the perfect dress, but you might be lacking when it comes to serious planning and organisation. A successful wedding needs a certain level of planning in advance and sticking to a strict budget, so it's always good to get specialised help with that if you're feeling unsure.

You're Don't Have Any Big Ideas

Some people may not have ever thought about what their dream day would look like, and maybe you're now drawing up a blank in regard to what you want. Or, maybe you're so laid back that you're easy on the idea front and happy to let someone else take the reins. If you feel like you need inspiration for your big day, a specialist can help.

You Simply Want to Enjoy Your Day

If you want your only experience with your wedding to be the actual special day and enjoy every second of it, leave the organisational stress and ideas to someone else so that you only have to concentrate on showing up and having a fantastic time!

Benefits of Having a Wedding Planner

They Have Partnerships with Vendors

Taking advantage of a rapport already built between a planner and a vendor is a huge benefit. Your planner may also be able to get discount, better deals, or call in favours with vendors they've known for a long time. They'll also be able to reliably recommend vendors.

They Can Keep Track of Your Budget

Budgeting is difficult when you've so much to think about. A specialised planner will know exactly where to put your money and ensure you don't overspend.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Being responsible for the success of your own wedding is a lot of pressure. Leaving it instead in the hands of an experienced specialist means you can relax knowing that it will all go to plan.

They May End Up with Ideas Better Than Your Own

Getting married doesn't mean that you know how to be creative or create a magical day. A wedding planner has enough experience to know how to suggest the best ideas for the day you want, meaning you may end up with something more special than you could have dreamed yourself.

You Won't Risk Burn Out

The last thing you want is to be exhausted and burnt out when your wedding day arrives due to all the planning and stress you've had to deal with. Leaving it to a wedding planner means you can also protect your own emotional and mental well-being.

Are Wedding Planners Worth It?

Debating whether wedding planners are worth it is all about the time you have to hand. They're most definitely worth it if you don't have the time or resources to create the big day you've always dreamed of. If you're not good at managing plans and budgets, then a planner is absolutely a great option.

It's also about the emotional experience too. We don't want you to feel any stress in regard to your wedding, which is why those who book their reception with us can always relax knowing we have it taken care of.

Our event management team, with 130 years' experience, is happy to take care of the venue, accommodation, parking, catering, and all the tailored details to coordinate the wedding you want, without you having to worry about a thing!

When to Hire a Wedding Planner

It's always a good idea to hire a wedding planner as soon as possible, so you've enough time to plan your special day together. A good rule of thumb is to hire a planner around 12 months before your intended big day. You can also start pricing up how much does a wedding planner cost, and the availability of your chosen specialist.

We know your wedding standards are high, and our team of planners are here to ensure your standards are met for your special day.

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