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The Best Season for Your Dreamy Adelaide Hills Wedding

When planning a wedding you have a lot to consider and think about. It can be a daunting and overwhelming task to plan the perfect day, choose the perfect location, and the best food to put on a celebration that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

On top of that you have to think about what season is best to have your Adelaide Hills wedding.

Come October, wedding ‘season’ starts… and is in full swing until the start of May, as couples take advantage of the beautiful Hills’ weather. While your first thoughts may be to tie the knot during the Spring because the weather is pleasant and flowers are blooming.

The truth is, every season in the Adelaide Hills has its own unique personality for you to create the dreamiest Hill’s wedding. It’s the perfect ‘excuse’ to consider every season. The summer vibe. The maroon and yellow autumn leaves. The cosy winter rustic vibe. The spring blooms.

Let’s talk about the best season for a wedding, so you can (try to) choose your favourite.

Summer Wedding

Many couples lean towards a summer wedding, so there is less chance of rain making an appearance on their day. Although sometimes the summer weather in South Australia can put couples off due to the overbearing heat. But the climate in the Adelaide Hills is always a few degrees cooler than other areas, making summer a more attractive season for your wedding in the Adelaide Hills compared to other South Australian regions.

With longer days, warmer evenings, and no limit on whether you can have your celebration outside to enjoy the beautiful view. Your guests can have fun playing lawn games whilst you are off getting the perfect wedding snap. A Summer wedding sounds pretty ideal.

You’ll also have a wider choice of dress options available for a summer wedding, so you can go for that dress without sleeves or straps and you won’t need to worry about the addition of a jacket.

Plus, a honeymoon in Australia is more appealing during Summer because the weather is usually better at home than elsewhere. So, you can explore the beauty of our backyard without spending a lot on an overseas honeymoon.

An Adelaide Hills Summer wedding adds that long-lasting feel-good vibe to your wedding memories.

Adelaide Hills Autumn Wedding

The Adelaide Hills is famous for its Autumn beauty, with many towns coming to life, especially Hahndorf. The weather cools and Mother Nature puts on a spectacle – which serves as an awesome wedding backdrop.

The gorgeous yellow and burnt orange leaves just pop in the sun, giving a whole new meaning to golden hour. The fallen red leaves add to the magical setting, making it easy to perfectly frame your wedding photos. Gorgeous vines and quaint cellar doors. Stunning rolling hills, with thin winding roads in the distance, adding dimension to each shot. Forests and national parks, with tall trees rich in heritage. Autumn sure knows how to switch the Adelaide Hills’ charm on.

It’s shouldering the high season and the cooler autumn Hills’ air is a refreshing welcome. Plus, it is not really cold yet and the natural backdrop does all the work for you so you can still have that garden ceremony and wear that short sleeve dress you have been dreaming of. Just have a lightweight jacket for the evening as the nights do get a little cooler.

A wedding in Hahndorf provides you with the picture-perfect colourful Autumn wedding look.

Winter Wedding in the Adelaide Hills

Many couples are put off by the thought of a winter wedding. We get it, it's not the norm to have a wedding in winter (especially in Australia) because you want to be cosying up at home. But we encourage you to embrace the cooler weather, forget about the grey skies that will be covering the City and think about the rolling green hills and stunning landscape that is available to you in the Adelaide Hills.

What is more romantic than a rustic, snug ambiance added to your day, everyone inside in one space to celebrate your love, heart warningly delicious winter food, and a variety of local warming reds. It sounds pretty magical, right?

There are very few locations that can pull off a winter wedding. But, the Adelaide Hills region does it with style. The wineries, crackling fireplaces, and all-round cosiness of winter in the Hills makes the season that much more appealing. Give your guests something to look forward to and break up the winter season for them.

Winter weddings are unique, and they won’t get lost in the memories of endless spring weddings. The availability is more accommodating and more affordable. As for the wedding outfits, there’s a lot more that you can do in winter, with classic jackets and long-sleeved dresses.

Winter is one of the best seasons to shoot your wedding photos as the lighting is generally better to capture your picture-perfect day. Remember it gets darker earlier so make sure you schedule your photos in at the right time for more light.

The added bonus of a winter wedding is you’ll enjoy your overseas honeymoon even more. You’ll jet off to a warm climate, winter time in Australia is usually the best time of year for weather in other countries in Asia and Europe.

A Winter Wedding is the Adelaide Hills’ best-kept secret.

Spring Wedding

You’ll know Spring has sprung in the Adelaide Hills. It's like a pop of colour, the leaves turn a luminous green, plants and trees blossom. Nature bursts to life, it’s a great time for new beginnings and making a loving commitment to each other.

Spring is the most popular season to get married in. The in-between weather is breezy but not cold – some would say the perfect wedding temperature. It is probably the best season for an outdoor wedding with the temperature just right and the surroundings in full bloom.

The florist’s spread is colourful and it’s easy to match the bridesmaid dresses to the soft, yet vibrant tones in the environment. You won’t need to use saturation in any of your Instagram photos, in Spring.

With it being a popular season to have a wedding one thing to consider is if your friends or family are planning to have a wedding around the same time, will your big day clash with theirs?

A Spring wedding in the Adelaide Hills will bring a fresh elegance to your day.

Every season is wedding season in the Adelaide Hills

Every season sounds amazing and an Adelaide Hills wedding sounds heavenly.

We know it will be hard to choose a location in the Adelaide Hills and we might be biased but you might want to put Hahndorf at the top of your list. Anyone who’s been to a wedding in Hahndorf would agree that it’s one of the most picturesque, romantic, and charming towns in all of South Australia. Your guests will fall in love with this location.

The views and ambiance will add a unique energy to your wedding. When you combine the expansive sweeping hills and hanging fairy lights with a beautiful landscape it will provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.

The accessibility for you and your guests is one of the things that makes a wedding in Hahndorf so attractive. It’s hard to imagine that in a mere 20-minute drive from Adelaide CBD, you’re in what feels like another land. Being so close to the city, yet so distanced from the hustle and bustle of city-life makes this town the ideal location for your special day.

Hahndorf has got that quaint country energy and is peppered with eateries, artisan shops, weekend markets, wineries, and hiking tracks.

It’s a mini-holiday in itself. Encourage your family and friends to spend an extra day exploring this beautiful region. If you’re looking for things to do (and recommend to your guests) to satisfy those post-wedding blues, you’ll find it all in Hahndorf.

Chances are the celebrations are going to stretch across the whole weekend!

So why not find a wedding venue in Hahndorf that can give it all to you in every season, with onsite accommodation for you and your guests, a 5-star menu and a dedicated team to take all the stress out of the planning for you to ensure your day is the most amazing and memorable wedding your guests have been to.

Our award-winning venue can provide you with all of this and more. Visit our weddings page for more information about what your special day with us could look like. It’s wedding-album-worthy.

The Adelaide Hills: the perfect ‘just out of the city’ wedding location.

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