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The Secret to Long-lasting Clients

How long have you worked with your current clients? Do you have a percentage you’ve worked with for years, ever since the beginning? If so, that’s great.

You’ve probably heard how it’s easier to keep your clients happy and engaged with you than actively searching for new ones. It’s true. Getting a new client is ten times harder. One of the best ways to build on those relationships is to meet them in person.

Use conferences as a marketing strategy

In today’s digital world, we’ve never had more opportunities and access to the world. Clients are no longer bound to our geographic area. The world is your oyster. Your new clients can come from interstate and even overseas.

And there’s no more effective way to get together than by hosting a conference. Share new products, services and innovations within your industry. Present something new to your clients to gauge reactions. Find out directly what pain points they have. Learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, so you can fill the gaps with new offerings. It’s a great strategy to make sure what you’re putting out into the world is actually helpful, instead of just guessing (which a lot of business owners do).

Increase Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer

By becoming more customer-centric and delivering ‘experiences’, you’ll make your customers happier, feel more connected to your brand, and, ultimately, increase your ROI. Those one-on-one relationships are essential, and a conference gives you the ideal platform to achieve this.

Always consider the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) metric. It’s calculated from the existing period to the future (revenues – costs incurred). Using this approach can collect actionable information that will help you design strategies to really make a change in their life. Focus on long-term results, rather than short-term gains.

Over time, relationships can start to fragment. Conferences are a great way to keep them alive, fresh and timely. Invest in the people who keep your business going, year after year.

Have fun with your marketing. Treat your client (and yourself) to a little mid-week break by inviting them to the Adelaide Hills for the day. Host your next conference in Hahndorf at our beautiful, picturesque convention centre. You don’t even need an Events Manager! We’ve got a team to help you dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s.

Happy client, happy life.

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