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10 Fun Things To Do In Hahndorf This Weekend

Heading to Hahndorf for a wedding or special event? Clinking beer steins, local artisan-made food and strawberry picking farms. There’s something for everyone in the charming, character-filled town of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills.

But with so much choice, it can become hard to decide what to do. If you’re coming up the hill to Hahndorf, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 most popular things to do in Hahndorf. Grab a pen and number them in order. With this list, you’ll experience a mix of Hahndorf’s best.

Come for the day or the whole weekend.

Let’s put on our tour guide hat for a moment.

Eat at the German Arms

Fill your belly with schnitzel, wurst or kransky, and finish it off with a German beer. You’ll get the real Germanic experience with the food and ambience of this old pub. It’s a South Australian icon, so don’t miss it.

Wander the main street

Stroll the main street and meander into all the little local shops. There’s art galleries, boutiques, sweet shops, and of course, the Menz Fruchoc’s shop. Wander this entire leafy street, probably sugar-fuelled, and try everything you can.

Take a walking tour

See the town in a whole new light (with no light), at night. Join the Hahndorf After Dark tour. It’s creepy and a bit kooky. See the old mortuary and cemetery. This hour-long tour departs every night at 8pm from April to September and 9pm from October to March.

Pick strawberries at Beerenberg

Don’t worry, it’s not a beer farm. We know you’ve probably had enough of that after your visit to the German Arms. Get out in nature for an hour and pick punnets of fresh strawberries from the Beerenberg Farm. Roam around the paddock and taste the juiciest red, ripe strawberries of your life.

Appreciate the art community

The town has a passionate artistic and cultural community, centered around The Cedars – the home and studio of Australia’s most famous landscape artist Sir Hans Heysen. The Hahndorf Academy is a must-see, too, for all art-lovers.

Visit Udder Delights

Just in case you’re still hungry, or even if you’re not, check out Udder Delights. Think cheese, tarts, pies, cakes, fondue, and coffee. All the good stuff, of course. They offer free cheese tastings. Need we say more?

Pack a picnic

After a busy few hours shopping and eating, relax in Alec Johnstone Park. Find a nice green patch of grass and pull out your picnic rug. Read a book, eat more or just chat.

Explore local wineries

Hahndorf is home to some of the best wines in South Australia. And that’s saying something, considering we’re known around the world for our drop. Spend the afternoon touring local wineries, such as The Lane, Shaw & Smith, and Nepenthe Wines. Just one tip: Don’t plan anything afterwards. You’re not going to want to rush this.

Hike Mount Lofty

Take a quick drive to the Mount Lofty carpark, tie up your shoelaces and hike the summit. What better way to start your day than getting your endorphins pumping. You’ll get a gorgeous, South-Aussie view as your end treat.

Cleland Wildlife Park

While you’re in the area, get up close and personal with kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and everything Aussie. How often can you say you’ve done this? Be a tourist for a day and see South Australia with a fresh perspective, like an outsider.

If you’re coming to Hahndorf for a wedding or special event at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, extend your visit and explore this beautiful German village. It’s one of Adelaide’s favourites, and for very good reason.

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