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5 Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Event

You’ve got an event coming up. Let’s say it’s a birthday, engagement party or a work dinner. The problem is, you have no experience planning events.

Don’t worry. You don’t need a background in event management to organise an awesome night.

If you’re in charge of your work Christmas or EOFY dinner, it’s probably because there’s not a dedicated event professional on staff. If this is you, read on.

Follow these five planning tips to make your event a winner.

Put your event planner badge on

1. Pull out your whiteboard

The best ideas come out when you dedicate creative time. Grab a whiteboard (or a big piece of paper) and start to map out your event. Write down everything – your guests, your message, and your invitation design. Seeing it all mapped out together helps you visualize the event.

2. Budget time

One of the most important components of an event is money. Have a figure that you’re comfortable spending – or that your boss is comfortable spending. From there, you can break down all the parts of your event and dedicate a budget to each depending on their importance.

3. Choose your location and time

Every event will be different. The time and a place of a Christmas lunch will vary from an engagement party. If it’s a corporate function, day events work well. On the other hand, private events or parties are often held at night or on the weekend.

4. The invitation

You can have a lot of fun creating your invitations. You can use a program or personally create it by hand. Or, if you’re lacking time or motivation and you’ve got the budget, you can have them custom-made by professionals.

5. Follow up

As your event approaches, make sure to remind your guests of the date, time and location of your event. Life gets busy, so a friendly reminder a few weeks before the event can go a long way.

Still worried? Need an expert event management team by your side? Get in touch with us. We can help make your event a massive success.

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