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The Easiest Way to Throw a Christmas Party (When You're Busy)

Can you believe it’s December already? Walk into just about any office and you’ll hear this. Before you close for the year, there’s one thing you can’t miss: the Christmas party. And although you might be tempted to skip it because you’re busy, it’s an important event to show your team appreciation and finish off the year in good spirits. But when you’re short for time and don’t want the burden of cleaning up after, find an event space to host you. Make a list of the facilities that you’re looking for and how you’d like the celebrations to unfold. Will it just be a lunch or dinner? Maybe you’d like to treat your employees and make a day of it. And what better region to go day-tripping than in the Adelaide Hills. Avoid simple Christmas party food and give your team five-star catering and dining at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre. Let us know if you’ve got any allergies or special requests from your team and we’ll tailor the menu. Our venue is in the heart of the Adelaide Hills: Hahndorf. Why not take this opportunity to take your team on a journey through the wins of the year, utilising our AV and presentation technology? This is a great chance to talk about the moments you’re most proud of, how the company has grown, and your plans for the New Year. Think about any stand-out employees and take this time to acknowledge and congratulate them, too. Once your team are satisfied and inspired, move onto the next easy Christmas party idea: the glass-clinking. Pick a couple of wineries close by, like the Lane Vineyard, and continue the end-of-year celebrations in a more relaxed setting. It’s these special moments where everyone’s in a room that really unites. And how many times during the year does this happen? It’s worth the time, effort and resources to do it at least once. Spread the Christmas cheer and celebrate with your work family first.
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