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Here’s Why Product Launch Events Aren’t Just for Books

Are you about to give birth to a new product or service? It’s easy to get ahead of yourself fantasising about sales and success – and so you should. But most businesses skip ahead and miss an important step: the launch. No matter how amazing your product or service is, if your prospects don’t know about it, it’ll be hard to gain momentum.

We tend to think about a launch event in the context of authors. Yet if you have something you’re introducing to the public, like a new product introduction, a launch event can be a great method. In today’s digitally-focused world, hosting an event can get you right in front of your potential customers. And if you do it right, you don’t need big numbers to make an impact.

Leverage social media in your launch strategy on the day to push the marketing, regardless of how many attendees you have. People like to see others connecting with a product or brand, often before taking steps themselves. A launch party will help foster these relationships, which then can be used in your follow-up promotions.

Get feedback and understand the buyer’s journey

Launch events are also an opportunity to validate your release. You might even have time to make changes to it before you gain a large uptake of the product or service. Take this opportunity to learn about the problems of your target customers and see how you can position your offering to solve it – or at least, minimise their pain.

Face-to-face launches also offer the chance for you to learn about their expectations. You can re-position your marketing activities from assumption-based to customer-centric.

What’s in it for them?

Your launch event shouldn’t be only about your brand. Keep this in mind with all your product launch event ideas. In exchange for them taking the time to attend the launch, you could offer a discount or free trial of your product or service. Again, this will lead to more feedback and validation. Keep testing and refining both the product or service and the way you’re presenting it to the public. Successful offerings aren’t stagnant. Rather, they evolve over time.

Turn it into a celebration

Use the launch as a time to award your team for creating such an amazing product (or service). To make it a celebration, as well as a professional event, host it in a gorgeous function room that will impress the attendees. When it comes to your new product launch strategy, remember first impressions count.

We have a suite of award-winning rooms and event space, with sweeping Adelaide Hills views, and a five-star menu. Focus on the launch day plan, guests and content, while we take care of the venue and logistics for you.

Add Adelaide Hills Convention Centre to your product launch ideas list. Learn more about our special events.

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