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Avoid Getting Overwhelmed With Conference Planning? Do This Instead

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every company had a designated event planner? Where Managing Directors recognise that organising events is, in fact, a unique (and qualified) skillset. But more importantly, have a budget for it!

In reality, many small businesses just don’t run enough events to merit hiring an event organiser, so the ‘event management’ falls into the hands of the marketing coordinator, office manager or receptionist.

This, in itself, is unavoidable. Someone in the company has to be responsible for the conference, seminar or launch.

But, we’re going to share the most important factor with you …

If you choose your venue correctly, you’ll have access to conference event planning specialists.

Like our end-to-end conference planning team, in a modern, all-inclusive convention centre in the heart of the Adelaide Hills. Give your guests a mid-week holiday while ticking all the conference ‘boxes’.

Spacious, modern facilities…

Five-star catering, with a menu featuring local produce …

Ample car parking and accommodation facilities…

And, of course, your very own event organising team.

Hey, Marketing Coordinators!

This job has probably landed in your tray and that’s okay. If you’re in marketing, you probably love to communicate, connect, and collaborate with your customers.

You might just find you actually enjoy planning your upcoming conference. And that’s wonderful. But having a team of professionals by your side, helping you bring it all together, gives you the confidence you need.

This is why choosing your conference venue in Adelaide is super important.

But while we’re here, let us share our ‘how to organise a conference’ checklist.

  • Decide on a theme & title for your conference. Make it catchy, relatable, and interest-triggering.
  • Assemble your team. Who’s going to help you? Tip: You might just go straight to the venue (the professionals).
  • Prepare a budget & general outline for your conference. For example, venue, accommodation, transportation, speakers, activities, marketing etc.
  • Settle on an available date. This one’s easy—and then you can check venue availability.
  • Book the venue (as soon as possible, so you can utilise the event managers).
  • Line up your speakers. Consider whether you’re going to need a budget to pay any presenter fees.
  • Put the event’s ‘run sheet’ together. Step out your conference’s key elements, hour by hour.
  • Register attendees as soon as possible. You want to fill seats early, so you know if and how you need to market the event.
  • Plan your follow-up. We suggest sending a thank you email, collecting their feedback, and continuing conversations… while they’re still hot!

Now, would you like to see if our Adelaide Hills conference venue is a fit for your brand?

Jump over to this link to see photos of our space.

Then, call us on 1300 919 830 to organise a time to view the venue.


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