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Simple ideas for a successful work Christmas party in the Adelaide Hills

It feels like we’ve only just welcomed the new financial year. But Christmas is right around the corner (and we all know how fast the weeks fly by).

As we wind up 2021’s big projects, it’s good to start thinking about what you’ll do to celebrate the festive season (and send your team off on summer holidays).

What to consider when planning your work Christmas party

From team lunches to behind-the-office BBQs and Kris Kringle, to an adventurous day out, there’s plenty of ways you can treat your people this Christmas. It can be a great idea to take the time to discuss as a team, how you’d all like to celebrate the festive season, so that everyone feels like they’re a part of it and you can build excitement within the company leading up to it. Why don’t you pull out a whiteboard to start brainstorming your work Christmas party ideas.

First up, there’s a few things you have to take into consideration.

  • Are people using their annual leave and going away?
  • Is there a big project that needs to be finished, before December 25th?
  • What is your budget?

On average Australian businesses spend just shy of $10,000 on their Christmas party. A great company Christmas party can be a wonderful investment in team-building and company culture when done right. Take these factors into account and plan for either a single or multi-day festive send off.

Boost team morale with these fun Christmas party function ideas

This hybrid Christmas and end-of-year celebration should be a time to reflect and treat the people who contributed to the progress your company’s made throughout the year. Why don’t you consider getting out of the hustle and bustle and escape to the Adelaide Hills?

You’re spoilt for choice with locally-sourced food, award-winning wineries and outdoor activities for the whole team to get involved in. The Adelaide Hills is a wonderful region to let your hair down (and loosen your ties) for a Christmas party.

A Christmas banquet (with a view)

Get into the Christmas spirit with a fully-catered banquet. Picture a long table, gifts, Christmas crackers, and festive music! Just make sure to send a memo, telling your team to wear loose pants. Christmas lunches are made for eating, a lot.

A slideshow on the year’s ‘wins’

Has 2019 been a big year for your company? Have you welcomed new staff and clients? Expanded offices or launched a new product? These milestones are worth celebrating. You can have all the fun of a Christmas lunch, but allocate some time in a more formalised setting, playing a slideshow of the year’s events. This will set the tone for a fantastic celebratory day.

Goal setting + Kris Kringle

Start your celebrations off with Kris Kringle. It’s the season for giving, so add presents to your Christmas party. This is a great way for team members to get to know new people. After the gift giving, sit around a big table and have an interactive goal-setting session. For managers, this will give you great insights into what motivates your employees, and where they envision the company heading. Fuel your team with finger food, throughout the round-table session.

Visit a winery (or three)

Your Christmas lunch can dovetail into a winery tour, with all the cellar doors scattered around you (and combining two work party Christmas ideas into one).

You might even want to consider staying overnight and extend the celebrations into a multi-day event. Show your team how much you appreciate their contributions and the great relationships between one another. It’s a great way to kick off 2020 - with funny, lighthearted memories to remember.

Ho-ho-host your Christmas party at Australia’s best business event venue.

Worried about settling on an idea that everyone will like? Well, how could you go wrong with gorgeous Adelaide Hills views, a five-star, locally sourced menu, an award-winning venue, with an events coordination team to bring it all to life.

Find out more about what we offer for your upcoming Christmas party. As this time of year fills up fast, it’s best to book as soon as possible. With the event team, food and accommodation in one place, planning just got a whole lot easier this year.

There’s so many memories waiting for you to unwrap, in the darling Adelaide Hills.

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