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5 Things Every Bride Should Consider When Picking a Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding? Addicted to poring over beautiful venue photos you find on the internet? We don’t blame you.

There are some amazing wedding settings that make anyone want to get hitched, simply for the photos. But there’s so much more to a wedding than taking good Instagram snaps.

What to consider when choosing a wedding venue

There are many, many different points to ponder over when selecting a wedding venue. In fact, there are so many that it can quickly become overwhelming when trying to settle on a venue that matches your dreams.

That’s why we’re here to help.

We have zoned in on the most important aspects to consider when picking a location for your special day. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a wedding venue, wonder no longer. Simply follow our guidance, and you have one less thing on your massive wedding “to-do list” to worry about!

Understand your "type" and style

And we’re not talking about your type of man here (we hope you’ve already got the choosing the right man bit figured out!). Are there specific types of settings that you're gravitating towards for your wedding? Can you picture yourself on a beach in summer, or is being cosy in a winery during winter more your thing?

It’s an obvious point, but your venue should reflect what you want your wedding to look like. It is effectively the foundation with which you build the rest of your wedding’s setting, from the seating arrangement to the decorations you select.

Speaking of which, it’s also important you settle on a style that matches your “type”. Let’s say you’re set on a spring wedding. You’ve visited a few venues, but you can’t seem to choose between them. Picture what you can do with the venue. Visualise the setting. Add the flowers, the fairy lights, and the decorations in your imagination. How does it look? If you have something that’s got you all giggly on the inside, you’re onto a winner.

Know your guest list

Simply put, you should never settle on a venue until you have a rough idea about how many guests will be in attendance. Picture the scenario: you have sent out your invites. You’re thinking, ‘Not everyone will attend,’ so you choose a venue that is smaller than your full guest list.

Oh, but then the guests’ RSVPs suddenly pour in. And they keep pouring in.

Suddenly, you’re in a situation where your venue is too small for the number of guests scheduled to turn up. You could then be in for some tough – and incredibly awkward – conversations as you trim down the guest list.

Consider the experience you want your guests to have

It’s the big day for you and your significant other, yes. Yet it’s imperative you consider your guests and the experience they will have during your wedding. After all, you want it to be a memorable day for everyone – and for all the right reasons.

If you’re going out-of-town, ensure there’s a hotel either nearby or connected to the venue. Plus, even if you can fit a certain amount of people in a venue, it doesn’t mean you should. You want your guests to be comfortable, not sat on each other’s laps.

What’s your wedding venue budget?

Your budget plays a big factor in your venue choice. While you might dream of the biggest and most extravagant setting, you must be realistic and choose a wedding venue that falls in line with your budget.

Also, remember there are more costs associated with the venue than just renting the space. Décor, in-house catering, floral designs – all these extras can ramp up the cost.

If you’ve hired a Wedding Planner they’ll help you manage your budget throughout your Wedding planning.

Does the venue offer in-house catering?

Even if it does add to the cost, having in-house catering can be a major convenience boost – and tick off one less thing to worry about with your wedding. Make sure to check with your venue of choice to see if they offer catering as part of the package.

Although before you decide to go in-house with the food and drink, check past reviews to see if it’s up to the standards your big day deserves.

Other important details for choosing a wedding venue

Along with the points listed above, here are other important points to remember when selecting a wedding venue.

Is there accommodation nearby for you and your guests?

If you’re staying local, forget about this part. Yet if you’re venturing further afield, it’s vital there’s accommodation for both you and your guests. The last thing you want is for people to be sleeping in their cars or having to travel for hours after the wedding!

How accessible is the wedding venue?

When you type into Google, “find wedding venue” and it throws up a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere, it can be difficult to dissuade yourself from that plan. However, it would be best to consider accessibility and how guests will get to the venue.

How far in advance do you need to book the venue?

Booking the venue as early as possible is highly recommended. If you leave it too late, you could miss out. Venues will often only allow bookings that are far in advance of intended event dates.

Does the venue have noise restrictions?

If you plan to get loud and rowdy at the wedding reception, check to see if the venue has any noise restrictions in place. Always respect their policies – otherwise, you could get hit with another wedding-related bill!

Are there backup options in case the weather changes?

You have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, but the weather is saying no to that. With this potential problem in mind, it makes sense to have a backup option or two in case the weather doesn’t play ball. Ask the venue about their alternative wedding setting options for different weather conditions and different seasons.

Choosing the right wedding venue matters

As a wedding venue ourselves, we know a thing or two about the importance of making the right venue choice. That’s why we don’t just write about what to consider – we offer everything you need for a perfect wedding.

If you’re planning a wedding in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, make sure to check out our venue!

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