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5 Ways to Warm the Hearts at Your Winter Wedding

While you might be sad that summer’s gone, there’s something about this winter that helps ease your longing for those long, balmy days: your winter wedding. This season offers you a lot of magic that summer can’t match.

Fireplaces in rustic settings. Cosy cuddles. Drinking red wine and it just feeling right.

Don’t feel blue if you’re not tying the knot at a cute beach wedding. Here are a few ways to plan your winter wedding, so you’ll start a new trend for the best wedding season.

1. The Magical Destination

If there’s one region that does winter well, it’s the Adelaide Hills. The perfect location will be different for every couple, so why not do what people in the Hills do best and go for a Sunday drive to find your spot. You might like the rustic abandoned shed or tall, confident trees as your photo backdrop. Then, do your reception in style, in the comfort of a purpose-built wedding centre.

2. Cosy Decorations

Small touches go a long way. You could do something like create named mugs for each guest with a hot chocolate station to snuggle up with something warm between their hands (in between the red wine, of course).

3. Warm savoury & sweet treats

Winter and cooking go hand-in-hand. Have fun with the dessert plate by getting into the winter spirit. Be festive with your cake or take your dessert table to the next level. We all love indulging in winter.

4. The Reception Speech

What better way to give your guests the warm and fuzzies than with a touching reception speech. While it’ll be dedicated to your new husband or wife, don’t be afraid to thank the special people around you, too. They’re part of your love story.

5. Dance!

No wedding is complete without your relatives pulling embarrassingly-funny moves on the dance floor. It’s the best way to warm up the room and get people laughing. If your wedding is in winter, dancing is a must. Oh, and a few drinks helps the blood pumping, too.

Let’s be honest. Every wedding is special. It’s not about the season but what you do with it. And there’s just something romantic about a wedding with candles and a roaring fire.

Rain, hail or shine. Love wins.

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