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The City vs Adelaide Hills for Your Engagement Party

Ladies, guess what comes before your big day? Your engagement party. Well, you might have a bridal shower in there too, but that’s usually a low-key celebration with the special women in your life.

Your engagement party is where you can let your hair down before the big day. It’s a time where you can bring all your loved ones together, both families and friend groups, and begin the loved-up festivities.

Often, you’re so focused on the wedding day that you forget how much fun the engagement party will be. Kick off the celebrations by planning an amazing engagement.

Private gardens, rolling hills and adorable settings.   

What sort of setting do you envision for your engagement?

First, you’ve got to decide whether you’d like to have your engagement party. How do you envision it? Maybe it’s in a city location or in the Adelaide Hills in a private garden.

Your preference will depend on a range of factors including your wedding theme, the time of year, number of guests and your budget. You’ve probably been dreaming of a specific style of wedding, if you’re like most women. So, get thinking about this theme for your engagement.

If you love the idea of a rustic, outdoorsy setting that’s sweet and spacious, the Adelaide Hills is a good option. While the city offers convenience for people living in the area, the Hills is only a short 20-minute drive from the CBD. And if you’ve got guests coming in from other areas, they’ll enjoy making a little holiday of it, topped off with your engagement party.

You can’t see the Adelaide Hills in just a few hours, so encourage your guests to stay for the weekend and explore the local eateries, wineries, hiking spots and ‘Sunday drives’ synonymous with the region.

While we’re on the topic of convenience, you don’t have to worry about finding parking in the Hills, unlike the city. Give them a different experience by hosting your engagement in one of our state’s (actually, our country’s) most stunning destinations.

Contact our team to discuss how you’d like to celebrate your engagement party. We’ve got the venues, the event managers, the food and views your guests will swoon over.

Fairy lights, draped over beautiful lush green grass with that famous Hills view as the backdrop. That’s an ambience no city setting can emulate.

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