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Romantic Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate Your Milestone Day

Hey there, lovebirds. Remember that special day you tied the knot? Maybe it was last year or a decade ago. Well, guess what? You get to re-live it, every year. The celebrations aren’t over after the wedding day. And as every year passes, enjoy reinventing, reaffirming and recommitting to each other. Don’t rush this special day or let it pass by. It helps to have a few wedding anniversary ideas in the mix, so you can decide how to enjoy it. Let’s start with, possibly, our favourite milestone wedding anniversary celebration.

Husbands, this one’s for you…

The surprise!

Go big, with a wedding anniversary surprise date. While we don’t want any wives thinking they’ve been forgotten, there’s something special about those movie-type moments. You know she loves her rom-coms. We’ll leave the details up to you. But, consider the moments you shared in those early days. First date location? Revisit that spot. Favourite song? Get tickets to see the band. This is where being sentimental prevails.

Get out in nature

Life is busy and our schedules can over-run any romance. If you both love the outdoors, plan a day exploring nature. Pack a picnic, leave your phones in the car, and let the beauty of Mother Nature re-light the fire. If there’s always somewhere you’ve spoke about visiting together, grab a weekend bag and go on a little adventure (the Adelaide Hills is a pretty fantastic place to do it).

Throw a wedding anniversary party

Start the morning off with it being all about the two of you, then, celebrate into the night with your friends and family (just like on your wedding). Invite all of your guests or make it a more intimate event, with just your inner circle. Anniversary parties are more relaxed, so why not dovetail the celebration into a wine tour, in the Adelaide Hills. We know just the perfect spot to host your party – our award-winning function centre in Hahndorf.

This wedding anniversary might rival the actual day

With 5-star catering, event staff and on-site accommodation, you don’t have to choose between one of these anniversary ideas. But, it’s up to you whether you make it a surprise. Just imagine, your favourite people coming together to celebrate your love (again)… with the Hills as your backdrop, fairy lights draped around you… and a whole weekend of fun, food, wine, and adventures ahead. It’s so good, it might come close to the wedding day. Take some time to sit down and explore how to celebrate your wedding anniversary without getting too overwhelmed. You can’t go wrong with a little weekend away.
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