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How To Choose The Perfect Adelaide Hills Catering Provider

It’s long been said that food is the way to the heart. And for good reason. Food is an intimate experience. It’s a sensual way to show someone how you care for them. It’s something to enjoy, while with friends. It’s how we sustain our bodies.

Which is part of the reason why we’ve built our entire business around food. Food brings all of us together. And not simply to settle those loud stomachs.

Have you got an event coming up? Need catering in the Adelaide Hills? Here are five key answers you’ll need to help choose the perfect Adelaide Hills catering provider.

1. Responsiveness & personal interest

How responsive are they? If they say they’re going to do something, do they do it? If they can’t follow through in the lead up to the event, this should ring alarm bells to fully trust them to follow through on the day of the event.

2. Ability to handle your specific type of event

No two events will be the same. Sure, yours is another birthday but it shouldn’t be to them. You want a catering team that can look at your event as individual and unique. Can they handle your specific requests?

3. Flexibility, regarding the menu

How flexible is the caterer to adapt to your needs and the special needs of your guests? You want a team that is okwith menu changes.

4. Willingness to provide taste-testers

Ok, this is the best part. Caterers of big events should offer free testings. You want to make sure you’ve tried what your guests will be eating. Also, it’s important to know where they get their ingredients. Is it locally? What suppliers do they use? This could be a game-changer.

5. Consider what services you need

Some caterers will only prepare the food and deliver it. That’s as far as their service goes. Which is great, if that’s all you need – but not if you’re looking for wait staff and support on the day/night. First, write down what you need from a caterer – then ask around, until you can find the one that’s the perfect match.

Event & corporate catering in Adelaide

If you’re looking for catering in the Adelaide Hills, let’s chat. Don’t go biting off more than you can chew. Choose a company that caters for you. See how we can help you, here.

For Adelaide Hills catering, call Adelaide Hills Convention Centre Gourmet Catering today.

Finger-licking, mouth-watering delights, coming your way…

Adelaide Hills catering, made easy!

If you're planning an Adelaide Hills Wedding or look for your next Business Conference Venue get in contact and we can discuss catering and venue options.

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