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Ultimate Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Big Day

When you're planning a wedding, one of the most enjoyable parts is choosing just the right wedding cake. Knowing how to choose your wedding cake is vital because the cutting of the cake is simply one of the most iconic parts of your big day. 

Not only that but, commonly, your wedding cake will be on full display throughout the reception. So you know that you want it to look amazing (and taste incredible too). There are some exciting wedding cakes ideas and trends that are well worth checking out for inspiration. And the biggest problem you might have is that you only have one wedding! 

Here are the best wedding cakes and ideas to choose from when you're planning your wedding.

The Naked Cake

The naked wedding cake has been popular for a few years now, but they have shifted in their approach. Not only can you now opt for a semi-naked cake. But you can also even choose a fully naked cake that's bursting with the colours of your choice. The icing alone will amaze your wedding guests. Or you can have different levels of icing (or none at all) on different layers. 

Don't assume that the best types of wedding cakes have to be traditional and boring when they can delight instead. A colourful, flamboyant naked wedding cake might end up being one of the highlights of your wedding day!

The Gravity Defier

Almost all wedding cakes have a wide base that gets smaller with every tier. But you don't have to stick to that option if you want to have a more impressive cake. 

Upside down wedding cakes are a relatively new trend, and they look fantastic. Talk to your baker about switching things up. And remember that you can also request whatever external decorative additions that'll match your wedding theme. When it comes to learning how to choose your wedding cake, always discuss any of your ideas with your favourite baker. And you might be surprised by their unique suggestions. Bakers have the tools to make gravity-defying cakes that even make use of non-edible tiers that are made of balls or upside-down pyramids.

Going Unique

Every wedding is different, and your guest list will be too. That means making sure that your wedding cake will be edible for people with allergies or food preferences. 

The good news is that not only can you easily find a baker who'll make a vegan cake. But you also don't even have to opt for a traditional cake at all. The minimalist wedding cake, consisting of a single layer, is more popular than ever. But so too are wild deviations from the traditional cake. 

You can even get types of wedding cakes that are made of fruit, pizza, or cheese. Choose your favourite foods and marvel at some of the quirky and unique ideas for wedding cake alternatives.

Of course, choosing the right wedding cake is about more than just looking up the best wedding cakes ideas and trends. The cake that you decide on has to match the occasion and the venue. Which is why the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre offers everything you need for a perfect wedding. 

Talk to the team at the Centre today to find out more about planning your wedding.

And you can even get advice on the best local bakers who can help make the best wedding cakes you'll ever see or taste.

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